What is the over-cut for lamping an Excellart sign cabinet?

Most frame and retainer systems are over-cut 1.25″ in the direction of the lamping. However, Excellart’s EC-6R, EC-9R, and EC-D/F standard systems are over-cut by 1″ and the EC-4R, EC-7R and EC-8R systems are over-cut .25″. Also, the EC-IDS system is over-cut .75″ and the EC-S/F access system is over cut 4 5/8″. Consult with an Excellart representative to verify over-cuts.

How do you prevent a hinged retainer from lifting off the frame?

Run a self-taping screw into the channel along the top of the sign to lightly secure the retainer to the frame. Do not fully tighten this screw as it will interfere with the hinging retainer. Place the screws 3-4 feet apart.

How many lamps go into a sign cabinet?

Excellart punches the white aluminum raceways (included in all Excellart knockdown kits) on 12″ centers unless otherwise specified by the sign man. Example: A 4′ x 8′ sign cabinet with horizontal lamps would be punched for (4) 8″ lamps. A 4′ x 8′ sign cabinet with vertical lamps would be punched for (8) 4′ lamps.

Where is Excellart’s push button barrel lock installed on a Changeable Copy System vandal cover?

The lock is normally placed in the retainer on either side of the cabinet. The lock is positioned 6″ – 8″ up from the bottom of the retainer. Excellart can pre-drill the lock hole at a cost of $10.00 per hole.

How are raceways positioned for horizontal lamping?

Excellart provides two options for tombstone lamping. The first uses our EC-Lamp Ballast Track which is attached to the back of the sign cabinet. The end tracks are single punched and the middle track is double punched. Tombstone sockets must be used with this lamping system. The second option uses our EC-Lamp socket Raceway which gives the sign man the ability to position the raceways for tombstone sockets as well as standard and spring loaded sockets. This raceway is not punched. The sockets snap into the raceway track and then the cover is cut and butted up against each socket.

How do you install divider bar on a sign cabinet?

Excellart’s divider bar can be mounted directly to the frame with aluminum angles. For a hinged system the divider bar must be mounted to the retainer.

What is the clip placement for a flex face sign?

Clip spacing should be 6″ – 8″ but should not exceed 10″ on center around the perimeter of the tensioning system. At the start of each corner, place a clip 3″ – 4″ from the end for best results.

Are Excellart extrusions available in a variety of colors?

Excellart extrusions are only available in mill or bronze finish. Excellat does not paint any extrusions.

What methods can be used to assemble Excellart extrusion cabinets?

Excellart sign cabinets can be assembled with mechanical fasteners, by welding, or with adhesives. (Fasteners are not included with knockdown kits.)

Where can I find assembly instructions?