Custom Kerf-Cutting is the process of cutting a series of kerfs (cuts) in a piece of aluminum at a predetermined distance allowing the piece of aluminum to be bent into the desired shape. Often times, this process can be very time consuming and requires a great deal of trial and error to ensure you achieve the proper spacing to effectively bend the material. Additionally, you do not want to make the cuts too deep as that can negatively affect the bend of the material, as well as, the outside finish.

We have developed a process of Kerf-Cutting to achieve the best possible solutions for our extrusions. Each radius is carefully drawn out and the proper spacing is figured to ensure the highest quality bend, fit, and finish for every project.

Give us a call today to discuss your project needs and how we can tailor our Kerf-Cutting capabilities specific to your project. Whether it be Kerf-Cut full length pieces or material kerf-cut specifically for each sign we can help you save time and money while still providing high quality extrusions and sign frames.

AT&T at Cowboy Stadium

AT&T Stadium

Kerf-Cut Flex Standard Frame w/ Bleed Trim.
Letters are over 26’ tall.

Bank of America

Bank of America Stadium

Kerf-Cut Flex Integrated Frame w/ Bleed Trim.
Logo is approximately 40’ tall.



EC-12 Frame w/ Kerf-Cut Flex
Standard Frame & Bleed Trim.